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Natural Looking 
Permanent Makeup

Your Brow, Eyes, and Lips.
But better!

about US.

Bareface Beauty Studio was founded in 2017.

We are a team of two permanent makeup artists,

who both have more than 10 years of fine art and makeup backgrounds,

and we specialize in different PMU services.

We believe in the power of natural looking permanent makeup.

Bareface Beauty Studio

  • We treat every customer as a VIP!

  • Beauty has no skin tone. We work and design eyebrows adapted to diverse ethnicities.

  • We design eyebrows according to each customer's own GOLDEN RATIO, and we are dedicated to PERFECTION.


  • We believe having Permanent Makeup makes more sense than applying makeup daily. Perfectly designed, natural looking, and waterproof eyebrows, eyeliners, and lips just make our everyday life easier and more glamorous.

  • We would love to make you feel more confident and beautiful!

At Bareface Beauty Studio​

about our artists.

Art - Beauty - Permanent Makeup
20 years of experience in art
16 years of experience in makeup
7 years of experience in Permanent Makeup
The 1st place winner of 2024 Nano Brows Championship



Kate is a professional artist, and a celebrity beauty expert. She has over 2 decades of experience in creating beautiful images with the highest standard. Creating art and beauty gives her the most happiness, peace, and satisfaction in life. 


Kate received her bachelor’s degree from one of the world’s top 3 art schools—Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London, England, where she learned the most sophisticated skills of an artist. Kate is a Hyperrealism artist, painter, illustrator and children’s book author.

Kate_hyper_realistic_drawing 1
kate_art 1
kate_art 2
kate_art 3
Kate_hyper_realistic_drawing 2
Kate_hyper_realistic_drawing 3
Kate_makeup 1
Kate_makeup 2
Kate_makeup 3
Kate_makeup 4

Productions, event and red carpet makeup by Kate: Vicki Zhao赵薇 's meeting with Hilary Clinton, "Fast & Furious 3" red carpet premiere event, Eason Chan陈奕迅 's commercial shooting.

Apart from drawing and painting, Kate has spent her most recent 16 years doing professional makeup for ballet and theatre performance, fashion photoshoots, movies, TV productions, red carpet events, and weddings. Her makeup skills are recognized by celebrities, successful entrepreneurs, and many others.







With so much passion for beauty, Kate was hired as the Beauty Editor-in-Chief for, an ecommerce retail company that has dominated its niche for the Asian society. Through years of industry knowledge, she also founded T&M BEAUTY CHINA and created T&M Tremella Mask, China’s first edible mask with all natural ingredients. 

Kate_media 1
Kate_media 2

Kate in  <Hapar's Bazaar China>, 

introducing T&M BEAUTY.

T&M BEAUTY commercial starring Kate

As the ‘no makeup makeup’ trend started to rise in the United States around the 2010s, Kate started her Permanent Makeup business Bareface Beauty Studio in the tropical city of Irvine California. As of 2023, Kate has worked on thousands of clients and is working as a main instructor at Makeup Artistry & Cosmetic Tattoo Institute, training new Permanent Makeup artists. Kate has proudly helped many of her students to become financially independent and progress to master level in the beauty industry.

Celebrity Permanent Makeup artist Kate was invited to TV Show "今日话你知", sharing knowledge of different PMU techniques.

Kate was invited to TV Show "美丽俏佳人", demonstrating Eyebrow Makeover techniques.

Though Kate’s schedule is quickly filled up with appointments and teaching, she consistently provides volunteer services to cancer survivors on a monthly basis.If you are a cancer warrior and suffers from eyebrow hair loss from chemotherapy, please contact Kate at



An exceptionally precise and detail-oriented permanent makeup artist who combines her scientific background with over a decade of makeup experience to craft precise and naturally beautiful transformations.  She developed a discerning eye for accuracy, which now serves as the cornerstone of her artistry in the world of permanent makeup.


Marinda's character was shaped by the influence of her highly accomplished parents. Her mother, an architect, and her father, a scientist, instilled in her the values of meticulousness and precision from a young age. Growing up in a household where both intellect and creativity were celebrated, Marinda's parents fostered an environment that nurtured her keen attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to excellence. Their combined influence inspired her to pursue a path that embraced both scientific rigor and artistic finesse, ultimately leading her to become the exceptionally precise and detail-oriented PMU artist she is today.

Marinda 2

Film & TV Production

Marinda's career soared in the realm of film and television, where her exceptional skills and attention to detail made her a sought-after makeup artist. During her journey, she crossed paths with Kate, a kindred spirit who shared her passion for beauty and precision. Their collaboration sparked a deep friendship and led them to co-found Bareface Beauty Studio. Together, they continue to make waves in the industry, capturing the essence of beauty on the silver screen.

Being a master

Her mastery lies not only in the technical aspects of her craft but also in her ability to truly listen and understand her clients' desires, ensuring that every stroke and contour is executed with unrivaled precision. Step into Marinda's world and experience the epitome of artistry, where beauty is not just enhanced, but elevated to an awe-inspiring level of precision and sophistication.

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Tel: 949-870-2718


4940 Irvine Blvd,

Ste 111,

Irvine, CA 92620

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